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ISSUE #46: 23 - 28 December 2018:
Happy Holidays to you from the EDN Staff

Dear Reader,

A calm and hopefully peaceful holiday season lies ahead of us and we hope that things are slowing down for you, too, so that we can all replenish our energy. When looking back on our 2018 activities, we do so with a sense of joy and satisfaction: we've seen many filmmakers develop and pitch their projects at one of the many EDN workshops and witnessed the start (or continuation) of fruitful relationships between producers, commissioners and people who can help finance the many good stories that are out there and need to be told.

It's all about networking, creating opportunities and bringing the right people to the table, and that's a quint-essential part of our mission. And although we consider it largely accomplished, there's always new content, new filmmakers and new talents that need to get access to the market with their wonderful projects. And we look forward to continue bringing together documentary filmmakers and potential funders in 2019.

We hope you'll have a relaxing, pleasant holiday season and we very much look forward to seeing you again in the new year!

The EDN Team


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TV UNAM is the cultural network of the National University of Mexico. It broadcasts through Digital Terrestrial TV in 16 major cities in Mexico, and through basic cable and DTH in all the Mexican Territory.
TV UNAM broadcasts five different kind of documentaries: arts and culture, historical, scientific, current affairs, and ethnological. 40% of TV UNAM's programming are acquisitions, and the channel sometimes does international co-productions and pre-buys.


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Very best wishes from the EDN Office - Paul, Mikael, Cecilie, Jörg and Ove



Cowboy Makedonski

Posted by Alessandro D'Alessandro

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