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Dear Reader,
It might take a shrink to explain the “why” but for one reason or another, the day of December 1st always puts me in a different - more at ease - mood. Is this because with only three working weeks ahead of us (yes, EDN takes a break between the 25th of December and the 1st of January) it's like a closure moment that allows one to look back at the past eleven months and utter a sigh of relief because it has been a successful year for EDN, or is it the tension that a long jumper must experience, concentrating and taking that one step backwards to then explode with energy, enabling him/her to jump that little bit further than in earlier attempts? The latter could certainly be the case because with what’s on the planning board, the EDN team is indeed mustering all its forces and straining its muscles to take a successful jump into 2018. Or does that feeling come from the good old  tradition that in a couple of days Sint Niklaas (Saint Nicolas) will descend from the chimney and leave presents behind, but only for all those who have been a good kid? Is that the reason why I feel the need to ask myself exactly those questions: have I been a good kid? Haven’t there been too many occasions when my ego took over from reason? Whatever the reason may be, that feeling of well-being is here and I wish I could share it with you.
Hoping that that a wonderful weekend is waiting for you, I bid my temporarily farewell and look forward to being in touch next week,
Paul Pauwels / Director EDN

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'Created in March 1989, 2M TV is the second Moroccan public TV channel. It is a generalist TV broadcast worldwide via satellite, TNT and terrestrial.

2M TV coproduces, pre-buys and acquires from the Arab and Mediterranean world.

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December 8, 2017

Ask us anything about docs or your current documentary project in a personal video meeting with one of our EDN staff members. To book a meeting just send an email to: EDN on Demand is available every Friday from 10:00 to 12:00am.

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Tarzan's Testicels

Posted by Alexandru Solomon



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