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Is anybody else getting somewhat annoyed by the "Black Friday" craze? Those countless emails urging you to be good consumers and save big with incredible discounts? If so, rest assured that you're not alone! At EDN we follow a different strategy and, instead of offering a special discount day, we provide interesting offers to our members all year round. As a reminder: we currently have discounts for Realscreen Summit, ComTranslations (Subtitling, Dubbing, Transcription, Script Translation, Voiceovers etc.), archival material from Footage Berlin, MUSO (anti-piracy platform) and many other film-related services and events. You might want to check out all these offers in our EDN member discount section and save some of your precious cash.

Looking back at a week in beautiful Amsterdam, we of course hope that the many filmmakers, sales agents, commissioning editors and distributors who attended IDFA all got their "piece of the pie" at this exciting and stimulating gathering of the global trade of documentary business. We especially congratulate the award winners of this year's competition programs (you can read more about it further below) and we're thankful for the great work the IDFA team has once again put into the organization of the festival. That said, we will of course miss Rudy Buttingnol's moderation of the IDFA Central Pitch — Rudy, who's also CEO of Canada's "Knowledge Network", recently announced to resign from the moderator's position at IDFA after 20 years. We wish him all the best and are grateful for his contributions to connecting doc professionals from across the world and making the IDFA Central Pitch such an entertaining and worthwhile experience.

We hope you'll have a great weekend and see you soon at a doc industry event near you!

The EDN Team

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NHK is Japan's sole public broadcaster. NHK has 5 channels (2 Terrestrial, 2 Satellite, 1 Global English channel) running 24 hours a day. The broadcaster produces over 85% of the content in-house, but has a history of producing programs through international co-production for nearly 30 years.
Essential elements regarding documentaries for NHK: Docs on current international affairs with exclusive footage or information. Docs that deal with interesting and important topics from all over the world. Inside reports of incidents relevant for the Japanese public. Well researched / well proved / well constructed / well balanced. Challenging new type of documentary. Impressive human stories.


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Life of Marzouk

Posted by Lorenzo Cioffi

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