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Dear Reader,
We’re exactly 10 days away from what must be the busiest weekend of the year for the EDN team: next Sunday, our General Assembly and on Monday, the IDFA/FORUM! Long days and short nights ahead of us.
Members, do join us in the G.A. but don’t forget to inform us about your presence via The full team will be present and we're looking forward to meeting with old friends and to make new acquaintances. 
Every documentary professional who will be in Amsterdam on the 19th of November is hereby invited to participate in the Media and Society meetings that are scheduled on that day and which - I’m sure - you’ll find very interesting and rewarding. Register via, Do come and participate in a unique event that forever will put documentary in a prominent place on the map of the European policy makers. Be the first to be introduced to the survey that from Monday 20th of November, 2017 onward will be distributed on a broad scale. A word of thanks to the VUB-smit/imec team that is putting a lot of time and effort in producing this document.  That survey is an extensive document and - yes - it will take some time to complete, I’m not going to pretend otherwise! But the time and effort that you will spend on it will be worth your while. You can really help our sector by answering the questions but also by forwarding the link to the survey to the widest possible circle of the documentary workers; on all levels, on all platforms, in all functions. Distribute it to those who work in the creation, production, distribution, broadcasting, streaming and exhibition of documentaries. To those who run film funds and other supporting bodies. Every voice counts and will be counted. Help us in making sure that nobody will ever be able to say: oh, we didn’t know about it! 
Thank you for being a loyal reader of this newsletter and don’t forget that we like to hear back from you. Have a lovely weekend,
Paul Pauwels / Director EDN

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November 17, 2017

Ask us anything about docs or your current documentary project in a personal video meeting with one of our EDN staff members. To book a meeting just send an email to: EDN on Demand is available every Friday from 10:00 to 12:00am.

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