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As you can certainly imagine, we're always keen on keeping track of documentary projects that previously participated in EDN workshops and pitching forums. It's quite rewarding to see whenever these projects turn into finished films and gain further support, win awards or receive recognition throughout the industry. Therefore we're delighted to let you know that a couple of projects from the initiatives Docs in Thessaloniki, RealYoung and NORTH PITCH - Below Zero have indeed achieved great results. You can read all about it here and we of course congratulate the project teams on their success!

In view of our upcoming activities at IDFA, it's our pleasure to invite all EDN members to participate in the annual EDN General Assembly. It will be an occasion for us to take stock of past activities and discuss topics related to the future of our association. Please note, that right after the EDN General Assembly, we will be hosting a session entitled "Media and Society - European Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape". This session is open to the public, but it is required to confirm your participation beforehand. If you'd like to have a look at all our activities in Amsterdam, please make sure to check this overview. We very much look forward to seeing you there in about two weeks time!

Have a nice weekend,
The EDN Team

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LIC-BCBC is the largest independent documentary producer and distributor in China. In 2017 it produced, co-produced, and acquired for the Chinese market 1127 hours of programming. LIC-BCBC is not a broadcaster in the conventional sense of the term. Reflecting the reality of the Chinese broadcasting system, BCBC works within the broadcasting regulations of China to provide documentary programming for nine national CCTV channels and for an informal syndicate of approximately 300 Tier Two (provincial and regional) broadcasters.


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Chasing Mandela's Rainbow

Posted by Gary Janks

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