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Dear Reader,

Summer time is calling and we're slowly starting to prepare for a short break, during which the EDN office in Amsterdam will be closed. We do hope that you will also have the occasion to pause your activities at some point despite the exceptional circumstances this year. However, before checking out for the Summmer break, we would like to draw your attention to a recently released survey report entitled "Understanding Documentary Film Audiences in Europe". The report has been drafted by Dr Huw D. Jones, Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Southampton (UK), on behalf of the Moving Docs initiative. And let's be honest: who doesn't want to learn more about their potential film audiences? The report is based on a survey with around 1500 respondents across Europe and (naturally) provides some detailed insights on who watches what among other aspects like gender, age, geographical spread, preferences etc. The conclusions and recommendations at the end include a few rather surprising findings that will certainly influence the way in which producers and distributors (and others in the sector) assess their audiences. You can read all about it in this press release, where the full report can also be downloaded as a PDF file. We'll be back for you in two weeks and hope you'll be keeping safe and healthy in the meantime.

Have a nice weekend,
The EDN Team

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