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ISSUE #27: 12 - 18 August, 2018
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Dear Reader,

Every year during the month of August, we're going though the selection process of the Lisbon Docs workshop and pitching session. I have mixed feelings about this part of the job. On the one hand it's absolutely fabulous to receive and read the impressive number of applications but on the other hand there's the feeling that - no matter how objective one tries to be - there will always be talented people who will feel disappointed when their project does not make it to the shortlist. It's part of the game, we all know that, but still it is frustrating to have to send a rejection letter to applicants whose projects one absolutely would love to see, and I'm sure the frustration is no less at the receiving side. I've been there too; I know the feeling. Our goal is to put a list together that offers a wide variety in nationality, subject and style, whereby we also aim to create a good mix of seasoned professionals and people with less experience. Even if you would be one of those whose proposal did not make it in this time, I would encourage you to keep trying to be selected for one of the many workshops/pitching sessions that are organised: they still are the best tool to get access to the market.

I don't want to end this Weekly without a thought for Orna Yarmut, the founder and driving force behind CoPro, the Israeli Marketing Foundation for Documentary and Animation. Orna passed away this week. Her spirit will be with us all the time, for what she achieved cannot be erased, not even by death. Her team and her numerous friends will keep her legacy alive, no doubt about that.

Enjoy the weekend and see you next week,
Paul Pauwels / Director EDN

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