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If you are looking for networking opportunities during one of the major documentary festivals out there, you might be interested in our 30% discount on Sheffield Doc/Fest's Digital Industry Passes. The discount is available for our members until late August, but if you're planning to participate, you shouldn't wait too long since the discount consists of a limited offer on a first-come first-served basis. You can find all the details about Doc/Fest's Digital Industry Passes on our website here. Apart from that, Marché du Film in Cannes, France, recently hosted a panel entitled Shaping the Future of the European Audiovisual Ecosystem: What Role for the European Union?, thereby taking an in-depth look at how European artists and creatives can be supported and how the European Union can help to speed up the process of acquiring financial support. Despite many support measures being available already, panel members have voiced their opinion that a lot more needs to be done, and that rather quickly. To quote Sabine Verheyen, MEP and Chair of the Culture Committee of the European Parliament: "Spending money on culture, and culture education, is investing in the future of the continent (...) if we don’t support our artists and creators today, it may have devastating consequences". Here's to hoping that this current crisis will remind everyone of what's at stake and to ensure considerable investments into the cultural sector before we have to start dealing with the fallout.

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