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We're happy to announce that we will, this year, once again be partnering with DOX IN VITRO, a talent development seminar for doc professionals which will celebrate its 10th anniversary edition in September. The event is aimed at young producers, documentary filmmakers and directors who will be introduced to the "real world" of the European film market of documentary films. The call for submissions is now open and projects can be submitted until 16 August 2019. Find out more about the programme on the DOX IN VITRO website here. On a different note, if you're curious about the strategy of Netflix for doc originals you might be interested in what Diego Buñuel has to say about what they're looking for when indicating that Netflix is open to "business with Europe". No big surprises here, but yet an interesting read especially if you haven't seen his recent Netflix presentation in La Rochelle. Apart from that, we're happy to learn that the project "The Miracle of Almeria", directed by Moon Blaisse (Cassette for Timescapes), has been selected as part of the next edition of the Venice Production Bridge. The project previously participated in the EDN Pitching Forum Docs in Thessaloniki. It's always and again exciting to see how things fall into place, e.g. when projects come closer to their completion so that the finished films can soon be enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

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The Color of Justice

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