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Sunny Side of the Doc is just around the corner and we very much look forward to meeting some of you in La Rochelle next week at one of the industry's major markets. At Sunny Side, you can meet EDN's Interim Director Flore Deroose, EDN Board Member Jan Röfekamp and EDN Press & Communications Manager Jörg Winkelmann. You will find us at the EDN Umbrella Stand (stand no. A23) and we look forward to the many events taking place next week. In the meantime, our director is reaching out to our members to engage in a fruitful dialogue about EDN, it's activities and services — so you might want to have a look at the director's blog, where frequent updates about EDN will be posted in the near future. Apart from that, we would like to draw your attention to an inspiring article on the sustainability of documentary filmmaking in the SVOD age. Manori Ravindran takes a closer look at the impact that big SVOD players have on the genre, with a number of interesting insights that we have been pondering ourselves for quite a while now. Although seen through the lens of the U.S., the article does highlight some of the hurdles and opportunities that are relevant to doc filmmakers from across the globe. So if you want to enjoy a good read, we highly recommend taking a look at the full article.

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All the Dictator's Men

All the Dictator's Men

Posted by Marjolaine Grappe

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