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Symphony of the Ursus Factory, a documentary by Jaśmina Wójcik

Dear Reader,
Traditionally, July and August are what could be called “slow” months, with less activity going on than usual. Don’t let that superficial silence fool you; below the surface there will be many things happening. By the end of this month, the Media and Society survey will be taken offline and the analysis of the results can start. You still have a couple of weeks to complete it and please allow me to launch a heartfelt appeal to take part in it (click here to complete the survey).

Already the initiative has delivered practical results: The meetings that have been organized all over Europe often resulted in an improved dialogue between the local professionals, leading to a clearer focus on the issues that need to be tackled on the home front. A very good example is the upcoming panel discussion Influencing Brexit - Have your say that, on Saturday, will take place in Sheffield, in the framework of Sheffield Doc/Fest. Supported by EDN, UK filmmakers will meet to devise a strategy to defend the continued UK presence in the Creative Europe program. If you’re in Sheffield, feel free to join us at the meeting; showing solidarity never hurt anybody. If I don’t see you there, then we might meet at the EDN dinner on Monday.
From under the grey British skies I’m wishing you a relaxing weekend,
Paul Pauwels
Director EDN

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Commissioned and acquired documentaries feature stories which give a voice to the underrepresented, advance social awareness, and promote public discourse. Focusing on the Israeli reality, the themes vary including social and political issues, current affairs, history, arts, culture and more. Kan – The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation was established in 2015 with the aim of providing an innovative, professional and varied broadcasting service which will express the diversity of opinion and identities in the Israeli society.


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June 15th, 2018

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