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Dear Reader,
The EDN team is back on post and ready for another year of serving the documentary community. As you can see on the website, our activity list is already heavily loaded and there will be many occasions to meet with us at different locations in Europe. EDN members will be pleased to read that we’ve started shipping the EDN Financing Guide 2018: your copy should arrive very soon.
I feel I should warn you that I might become something of an annoying boy, for I will regularly use this newsletter to remind the readers about the "Media and Society - Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape” initiative and more specifically about the online survey that is still open for your input. A big thanks to all who already took part in it. To those who did not participate yet: please make the effort.

I can’t underline strongly enough how important this survey (and the whole initiative) is for the European documentary community. Yes, it takes time to answer the questions and I am aware that you’re very busy. However, if you want EDN to defend your interests, we need to know what we’re talking about and who we represent. No matter who you are, where you’re located, how many documentaries you’ve made, high or low budget, how experienced you are, whether you’re an EDN member or not… you’re part of the community and that brings along a certain responsibility. Can we count on you?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch this year and for now I’m wishing you a pleasant weekend,
Paul Pauwels / Director EDN

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Odisea and Odisseia are documentary channels that offer a broad and deep view on all genres mainly through acquisition of quality programmes. The channels present the latest documentaries on science, history, current affairs, travel and adventure. Odisea and Odisseia are meant to entertain and enlarge viewers' experience through gripping content with high production value. The channels are available on pay TV, cable and satellite. Territories: Odisea: Spain. Odisseia: Portugal and Sub-Saharan Africa.


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January 19, 2018

Ask us anything about docs or your current documentary project in a personal video meeting with one of our EDN staff members. To book a meeting just send an email to: EDN on Demand is available every Friday from 10:00 to 12:00am.

Very best wishes from the EDN Office - Paul, Mikael, Cecilie, Jörg and Ove




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