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With so many events having been forced to go digital this year (DOK Leipzig recently also announced to present their industry programme online), one might be tempted to ask: how are these online events going? A review of one of the world's foremost doc events and festivals has now revealed some related insights. Elizabeth Radshaw and Julian Carrington from the Hot Docs Market Team reflect in this interview on the importance of live events and how everything was modified within the super-short period of only seven weeks in order to be ready to launch their industry programme "online". Many teams, also those of other festivals and markets, obviously faced critical decisions under time pressure, in order to make things work in times of Corona. In the end, though, and that's a point Radshaw also emphasizes, the documentary sector does benefit greatly from face-to-face encounters/personal meetings and so it is not surprising having to acknowledge that not all of the dynamics of a real market can be replaced by online sessions. But as long as restrictions are in place, creating these digital opportunities is the closest we can get to the real thing. On another note, we are delighted to inform our members that we just added a new discount on Sheffield Doc/Fest Digital Industry Passes to our member discount section. This is another great opportunity to connect with industry players in a digital format, so make sure to register for your Sheffield Doc/Fest industry passes today.

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