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Dear Reader,

In the framework of the BDC Discoveries (Sofia) and the Beldocs Industry Market (Belgrade) I met with a very energetic community that strongly believes in the power of documentary, in spite of the difficult political circumstances. I had the opportunity to talk with directors, producers, festival organisers, broadcasters and I cannot say that I was reassured by what I heard. I’m old enough to remember the optimism that reigned after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and our hope that democratic regimes would be installed in formerly authoritarian countries. It seems that it turned out differently.

Out of the local Media and Society meetings, one of the issues that comes forward is the fact that European documentary does not really reflect the diversity of the society in which we live and work, and when talking to people here, the complaint is added that documentaries from East and South-East Europe seem to have fallen off the interest grid of the European audiences. In both cases I tend to agree. Are we West-Europeans ready to accept the responsibility to change the situation for the better or are we like that monkey statue that doesn’t want to see, doesn't want to hear and doesn't want to speak? Let you, documentary filmmakers be the ones that make sure that the monkey does see the injustice, hears the pleas for support and speaks up in defense of democratic values and diversity that are being trampled by populist governments.

Have a nice weekend,

Paul Pauwels
Director EDN

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