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Dear Reader,

Soon we can officially celebrate the 50th anniversary of May '68. Some call those revolutionary weeks a useless battle, lost before it even started. I seriously beg to differ. Although I was a teenager in those days and too young to understand the essence of the events, I do remember how after it was all over the air felt purified and how suddenly everything seemed possible. Imagination indeed took power and opened the window on an era of creative freedom and optimism. For as long as it lasted.

I'm currently in a country where the government is rewriting and embellishing its history to make it fit its populist policies and would like nothing better than to turn the clock back on the societal progress that has been made since the jolly month of May '68. Among so many other things going on, It’s just one example of a Europe that is showing its darkest and most shameful side. One would lose hope for less.

But you don’t! So many of you courageously refuse to give in to the cold winds of madness that howl over the continent and continue to make documentaries that matter, defending the values of an enlightened and united Europe. Your battle - I'm sure - is not easy one, and soon one day you might again end up in a situation in which you have to break up the roads to build barricades, discovering that under the cobble stones there is indeed a beach, as the idealists of ’68 found out. Hopefully it doesn’t have to come to that point, but if that is the price that needs to be paid to return to a society in which good sense prevails ... so be it, and let the documentary filmmakers throw the proverbial first brick.

Have a peaceful weekend and a hopeful start of the week,

Paul Pauwels - Director EDN

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The New Plastic Road

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