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Dear Reader,

The documentary sector has been a fragile one even before the Corona virus outbreak and the question arises what exactly the overall impact will be once the current pandemic dies off. While creative solutions are being implemented almost everywhere, it is clear that many of us will have to apply for national support schemes to compensate for the economic consequences. Meanwhile, the European Commission pledged to mobilize at least €25 billion of EU funds to address the economic fallout and just recently adopted a framework that enables Member States to grant up to €800,000 to companies in order to address its urgent liquidity needs. Earlier this week, the European Producer's Club (EPC) has presented their ten-point strategy recommending steps that immediately need to be implemented in order to make available much needed support to professionals throughout the European audiovisual sector. The EPC's strategy has also been presented to Margrethe Vestager, Vice-president of the European Commission. With all this being on the way, all we can do is hope that the support schemes can be accessed quickly and in unbureaucratic ways. Also, Cineuropa has compiled a useful list of cancelled and postponed events which is being updated on a regular basis. Let's hope that this list will not become longer than it already is and, above all, we hope that you and your loved ones are going to remain unscathed, no matter how long this crisis may last.

Stay safe & healthy,
The EDN Team

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