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We're happy to let you know that EDN members who are planning to attend Sunny Side of the Doc this year, can once again save some of their precious cash by participating via our EDN Umbrella Stand at Sunny Side. Besides a discount of up to €75, participants of the EDN umbrella stand get many benefits, such as enhanced market visibility, extensive networking opportunities, consultations based on EDN's expertise & much more. The discount is also available for participants of the Nordic Delegation at Sunny Side (offered in collaboration with Nordisk Panorama). We would further like to mention that Sunny Side will be celebrating its 30th anniversary edition this year and the call for projects is open until 19 April. What's more? Well, we also have a limited number of free accreditations for Silbersalz Conference 2019 to give away, which makes for two good reasons to head over to our website and get the most out of your EDN membership!

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The EDN Team

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EDN Members Get Free Accreditations for Silbersalz Conference 2019

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Yle is Finland's national public service broadcasting company. Yle operates four national television channels: Yle TV1: The leading news, current affairs and factual journalism channel, focusing on drama, cultural and documentary programmes as well as satire in entertainment. Yle TV2: Service and lifestyle programmes, as well as drama and comedy. The main channel for children's programmes and sport. Current affairs and factual programmes stress the population's perspective; domestic and regional issues. Yle Fem: Swedish-language full service TV-channel. Yle Teema: The digital channel for culture, science and education. Yle has a Cooperation Agreement with ARTE. This involves agreement on co-productions in all genres.

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March 22nd, 2019

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Hugo Blanco, Deep River

Hugo Blanco, Deep River

Posted by Malena Martínez Cabrera

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