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Dear Reader,

It's refreshing to see how more and more facts are being gathered with regard to the financing situation of documentaries in Europe. After we published an interim report two weeks ago, another very interesting data collection has now become available: The Whickers recently announced the publication of the third edition of their Cost of Docs report, a document illustrating in much detail where the challenges of our industry are to be found. Documents such as these will be very helpful and necessary when aiming to improve the financing situation involving policy makers. That said, we look forward to taking this discussion to the next level with the release of the Media & Society white paper at IDFA in November.

Meanwhile in Greece, we just concluded the 21st edition of our annual pitching forum "Docs in Thessaloniki". And we're more than happy to announce that the projects "Intimate Outsiders" (directed by Roser Corella, Moving Mountains Films, Germany) and "Phoenix" (directed by Daire Collins, Ireland) have taken home the official forum awards for their inspiring documentaries in development. Both the ERT Doc on Air Award ('Intimate Outsiders') and the MFI Doc Lab Award ('Phoenix') demonstrate that these stories have great potential and should be brought to audiences across the globe. Yet, many other compelling stories have been pitched this week and, honestly, they all deserve to be told. So we keep our fingers crossed for the further development of all these fantastic projects and hope to see them being shown on many screens (be it cinema, TV or digital) in future.

Have a nice weekend,
The EDN Team

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The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

Posted by Willemijn Cerutti

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