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Crossing Borders 2016 Part 1

July 15-20, 2016. South Korea.

This year's edition of Crossing Borders launches with a project development workshop that takes place in conjunction with BCPF‘s renowned Docu Clinic in South Korea.

Documentary Campus, EDN – European Documentary Network and BCPF – The Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation are calling for documentary projects (series, one-offs and cross-platform). The submission deadline has been extended until 29 April 2016.

Crossing Borders is an international training programme bringing together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders, and have the ambition to enter each other’s markets both artistically and financially.

This year's edition of Crossing Borders consists of 3 sessions: a development workshop kicking off the programme, a separate online session focusing on story development and trailers (scheduled for September) and a pitch training workshop which will be taking place in October in Leipzig, Germany (also see Crossing Borders Part 2).

To be eligible for Crossing Borders you either have to be an Asian resident with a company based in an Asian country or be a European with a European company address. Projects must either take place in Asia or have an Asian angle / relevance. The language of the workshop is English and all applications must be in English.


When applying please hand in the following documents via email:

  • - Application Form - SIGNED

  • - a 2-page presentation of the documentary project

  • - a budget and financing plan

  • - director’s CV and/or producer’s CV

  • - a short profile of the production company if applicable

  • - a short self-presentation video stating your motivation to take part in the training

  • a trailer and/or examples of previous work (please send all visual material in digital form as download or in a link)

IMPORTANT: All applications must be in English.

Target Group

We are looking for Documentary professionals (authors, directors, producers) coming from Europe and Asia (special focus on Southeast Asia) with experience in their domestic market who wish to produce exciting documentaries for an international audience. Participants must have a good knowledge of English in speech and writing.

Application Requirements

Applicants are required to send in personal and company CV’s, as well as a written description of the project, visual material in the form of a demo or character introduction, preliminary budgets and financing plans, and a projected completion date for their projects.

Applicants should also briefly state why specifically a European-Asian exchange and collaboration is relevant to their work and projects, even if this may seem apparent by the content of their proposed film projects. We will be looking for participants who show an ambition and the capacity to build longer-term relationships in the “foreign region” with which they will be collaborating during the workshops.

All of the participants will also be required to have a working knowledge of the English language. In the final selection, an emphasis will be placed on the quality and international potential of the proposed documentary film projects, and on the previous experience of the applicants themselves. All applicants can attend the workshops with a team partner (max. 2 persons per project).

Note: All applications must be in English. Projects should be well researched and developed to a stage where a comprehensive synopsis, outline, initial budget and schedule are available to ensure that they can benefit from the condensed workshop timetable. Furthermore, a first short trailer version of the project should be available for workshop no. 1 in South Korea.


Selection Process

The participants of Crossing Borders will be selected by a selection committee.

As soon as the selection of the Crossing Border participants is official, all applicants will receive an email telling them if their projects have been accepted or rejected. The applications and proposed documentary projects will be treated confidentially. All rights on the developed projects naturally remain with the participants.


There is no participation fee for the course. The selected participants will pay for their airfares, accommodation and subsistence at each workshop.

All applications must be send via e-mail to: submit_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern

The application form can be downloaded here.


About Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders is an international training programme launched in 2010 by Documentary Campus and the EDN – European Documentary Network. It brings together filmmakers and documentary experts from both Europe and Asia, who are highly motivated to collaborate with each other across national borders, and have the ambition to enter each other’s markets both artistically and financially.

Through one-to-one sessions with recognized professionals and trainers from around the world, the programme offers creative and practical support for targeting a project for the international market. The aim is to create an invaluable network between Europe and Asia and to furnish the participants with the necessary knowledge and contacts for their future work on an international level. For more information on previous editions of Crossing Borders and examples of participating projects and success stories visit


Crossing Borders is an initiative by:

In collaboration with BCPF and supported by KCA: